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11 August 2012 @ 01:13 am
Busy and lazy as hell  
It's been awhile since my last post (I guess, haven't checked when I last posted something visible, lots of private stuff though)! Anyway, I finally managed to get Sony Vegas pro 10!! (actually I shamelessly downloaded it free with torrent as well as Photoshop) I've been wanting to make videos for so long but I didn't have the tools nor the abilities so I had to bury the idea. But now I have the tools but no abilities to use those tools nor do I have any ideas what to make and I'm also missing the material to use in the videos. So yes, it'll take a long time until I get anything to show to the world... :') And like I said earlier I also downloaded Photoshop so I can finally edit pictures properly *throws confetti*! But I gotta learn how to use that thing too first.. :'D 

Anyways, what I really wanted to say was that my school will start again soon (22.8.) so I'm gonna be busy with studies. I gotta move away from home since my school is so far away but I STILL haven't found an apartment for myself to live in!!!! :OOOOO And mostly it's because I'm stupid. I tried to search an apartment right away when I heard I was accepted but only from one place. I waited a month and they never contacted me. Then I went and read from their web page that all their rooms were rented already. Then I told my big bro and he gave me a couple of sites to send my application. I waited a week and called and they said I hadn't filled the application right, so I went and did it again. Then they sent me an email saying the apartments I wanted were either rented or had other people queuing before me. Then my mom said to my big bro to look me an apartment and he sent me more sites. Then I filled them and now I'm waiting for an answer. Too bad it's weekend and of course they aren't working then and I have to wait till monday. I only have a week left till my school starts and I really need an apartment RIGHT NOW! I'm starting to become desperate :'S If I can't find a roof on top of me I guess I have to postpone my school with a year. This is the first time I want weekend to end quickly!! My sleeping habits are a mess after 4-5 months of holidaying >:S It's gonna be hard waking up early when school starts...

Well, gonna go to bed soon, good night~! :)
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