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21 September 2021 @ 07:41 pm
[sticky post] -Credits-  
Well I thought that it might be useful to write them down somewhere because I wanna give credits to those who deserve them :) So here they come~! I leave the old links too because I want to remember how my LJ has changed :)

Journal Layouts:
Ex-Journal Layout Style [~you're the only one for me~]  by greenberryhair
Ex-Journal Layout Style [The Quiz Show] by yummyberry1
Ex-Journal Layout Style [The Diamonds in the Glass] by malionette @ fruitstyle
Ex-Journal Layout Style [SHO] by kimmyxfleur @ okimiyage
Ex-Journal Layout Style [This Is Arashi] by amy_chama
[23.12.-10] Ex-Journal Layout Style [Arashi Aiba Masaki Rainbow Wink-Up Layout] by kkastic @ sar_kastic
[10.01.-11] Ex-Journal Layout Style [Lollicup] by gasmaskbandit @ dystopiaguns (edited by me a little)
[25.06.-11] Journal Layout Style [RAINBOW X5] by keyzti @ rainbowdump

Profile Layouts:
Ex-Profile Layout Style [RYO] by greenberryhair
Profile Layout Style [Sakurai Sho Endless Fogged Oblivion] by nikattun @ random_abstract

Icon credits can be found [HERE]

Mood Themes:
Ex-Mood Theme [Arashi Set #1] by adfirmatiosg @ stormymoments
Mood Theme [Arashi Animated] by kimmyxfleur @ okimiyage

Sidebar Graphics:
OP Luffy & Chopper GIF from Google
Final Fantasy Versus XIII from Fuckyeahfinalfantasyversusxiii | Tumblr (edited by me a little)
Kingdom Hearts from Finalkingdom | Tumblr (edited by me a little)
Kaito Kid GIF from Google
Troublemakers by berry_arashi (edited by me a little)
SHO GIF from aramatheydidnt by unknown (edited by me a little)
Ohno Gifts GIF by ghostygifs (edited by me a little)
Shun Smokin' GIF by crystaltokyo (maybe)

Profile Banner [Arashi] by shannaah (me)
Ex-Journal Banner by okimiyage

Scan/Graphic resources can usually be found from the posts where I've used them and I remember where I've found them. When I've written "edited by me a little" it usually just means that I've resized the picture or something so it can fit my sidebar better, for example. I'm not going to take credit for it though!

Big thanks to everyone
Current Mood: thankfulthankful
Current Music: Sakurai Sho: Love Light