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05 May 2012 @ 11:45 pm
I think we all have experiences when it comes to misheard lyrics. Well, this time it's no other than One Winged Angel from FF series! I just came across this funny site and the lyrics actually make kinda sense XD Oh gosh the lyrics totally take away the bad assness of this song a little. Can you imagine when you're beating the crap out of Sephiroth and on the background you hear: "many many many mouse / they adore my crunchy love" ? XD


"The One Winged Angel discovers how magical cheese really is along with the meaning of crunchy love."

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17 April 2012 @ 06:35 pm
A little something I made for the sake of that I'm reading + watching my favorite manga again. It's been awhile since I last read the series so I'm a little late from the latest happenings but I'm catching on all the time :) It's fun to see how the members have grown (stronger) in many ways. I love Sanji's beard (I'm weak when it comes to Johnny Depp-like beards ;)), he looks so handsome and mature now. And Zoro, looking as hellish strong 'n' cool as ever, but I miss his eye.. :( Luffy's bounty rose again, yay ^o^v

BTW, it's already April and after two weeks it's gonna be May, but it's SNOWING!!! For the past couple of days it's been snowing and melting and today it's been snowing like 10cm already and it still keeps coming!! Now this is a real cold spell in spring -_____-"
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12 April 2012 @ 01:40 pm
I made this strap when I got my new phone. I can't remember when exactly I got it but it's been around a couple of months now. I was wondering what kind of strap I should do to myself and I thought maybe something Angry Birds related coz I've been making so many of them. But I didn't wanna the same bird I had already made and I didn't want the white bird. The black I could have done but I didn't have the yarn so I decided to make a pig! No one else has it and it's cute and funny so pig it is then! :) I didn't wanna make a regular pig so of course I went for the pig king, it's much more bad ass than the others ^^ It fits my new phone perfectly coz my phone is red and my strap is green. My friend said to me when she saw it that my phone looks so angry bird-like coz it's so red with a pig :P

wow I suck at taking pictures. All the other pictures I took were so blurry except for the left picture, but it's dark coz my hand is in the way >__>

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12 April 2012 @ 01:16 pm
OMG it's been so long since I posted anything crochet related!! And above that I'm posting something I made five months ago!!! I've just been too lazy to post them. Pictures have been taken but I've been lazy :( Well, now I'm gonna post this, and it seems it's Xmas edition this time coz there're Xmas lights yay :D This too I gave to one of my friends so none of my angry birds are gonna be around in my next family portrait (if I'm ever gonna take one).. 

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31 March 2012 @ 10:05 pm
The title isn't the only thing I wanted to say. They sure are nice those fresh green leaves, but I just wanted to make a quick note about what I found out today. SQUARE ENIX is gonna make a HD remake of FINAL FANTASY X for PS3!!!!!!!!!! OMG IS THIS REAL LIFE?!!!? IT'S LIKE A DREAM COMES TRUE!! GOSH I CAN'T WAIT TILL IT'S RELEASED!!!! I'm currently playing X-2 and gosh I so miss the old characters like Tidus and Auron. I wanna see the ending so badly but first I gotta play hella perfectly so that I get the happy ending. I think I missed something at the beginning so I'm not gonna get the perfect ending but I don't know yet. I have lots to do. 
This is also my last post as an 18 year old coz tomorrow is my birthday! :D I'd want something awesome to happen, something surprising and happy... :) Good night everyone :)
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02 January 2012 @ 03:46 pm
I was talking about some epic pictures I've found so of course I'm gonna show them too :) Sometimes I think it would be nice if the characters were alive... :) Credits to those who have made them <3

Epic abs!! They are a bit too much for my taste though ;)

When I first saw the trailer of FFXIII Versus I SO wanted to play it right away! I still do wanna play it right away but I don't have the game nor do I have the device to play it with (meaning I don't have PS3 or Xbox) S: Noctis, was it? This guy? He's über cool<3

This for the pure EPICNESS!! :D

BUAHHHAHHHAA :'D This is just wrong, and I still enjoy it! :D

Mr. and Mrs. STRIFE!??! I guess these two resemble each other, or? I don't know the story behind Lightning but hey, no smoke without the fire, no lightning without the cloud, right? :D (now I wanna watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith again :D)

Hihhih, this is just funny :) Blond Cloud with black Mario/Luigi moustache ;)

This completely made my day!! :D Awesome!!

This was cool. Even thought I haven't watched Bleach and dunno Nelliel the green hair looks great! :))

Special picture because it's awesome! These real-life Pikachus look so amazing that even though I've always disliked rats and other rodents I too would almost wanna take a hamster as a pet! :D

Well, that's all of the amesome masterpieces that I've found so far. Thank you once again to the makers of these pictures, I really appreciate your doing. Thank you. :)
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01 January 2012 @ 01:53 am
While I'm writing this post the year is gonna change to next one, in 4 minutes to be exact :) It's been SO long since I made a serious post here. I haven't neglected this journal, hell no, every once in a while I update the drama post when I finish something I'm watching :) My Xmas holiday is about to end, and oh well, I've done actually nothing interesting during this whole some-two-weeks-long holiday!!! Mainly I've played FINAL FANTASY <333 Oh, HEY, it's NEW YEAR :DDD HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! <3 Hih, where was I.. oh yes, I've played FF games like crazy! My friend owns FF IX so first I played that (I've played that like zillionbillionmillion times already but it's the best game I've played so far). Then I went and ordered FF X and FF X-2 and FF Dirge of Cerberus from internet and then I of course had to play them :) I wanted platinum versions but I only got normal versions (what a huge dissappointment when I opened the package) :( But it didn't stop me, I kept the games ofc. I've finished FF X couple of years ago so I only played it a while coz it came first. Then I switched to FF X-2, I'd never played it before, and wow it was something different what I've used to! Those little missions are killing meh!! D: I wanna get 100% but it seems impossible... But more than getting 100% and seeing this mystery scene (I've watched it from YT) I wanna know the story behind Lenne and wanna-be Tidus :D But I'm not that far yet. Then I played a little DoC and OMG I totally wasted my money (even though it costed only about 10 euros but still). I haven't played much but I absolutely hate the whole shooting thing! I'm so slow and can't handle it well so I end up dying -___-" So I gave up on it (I even had to delete some saves from my memory card and deleted my FF X save I had played till the end! D:). After that I switched back to FF X and X-2. I'm currently leveling up, so nothing interesting there... But coz I'm so fanatic about FINAL FANTASY (I love writing it in caps lock XD) instead of writing some boring-lame-ass-crappy-thus-meaningless new year promises (I never keep them) I'm gonna post pics I've found from internet about..tattadaa! FINAL FANTASY :D But not just any kind of pics cos there's MANY games and characters and stuff. The pics include many different characters, mainly protagonists and good guys :) I just love those kind of pics and fan fics where my favorite characters are all together doing something goofy or just looking adorably cute or smexy ;) I don't own any of these masterpieces and I'm sincerely thankful to the makers of these pictures.

This is one of my ultimate favorites! There're all the main female characters, I think. I know most of them but not all :D This picture is pure AWESOME!! <3

And who wouldn't want to see the other side of the bath? XD Or maybe guys, but who knows... ;) Haha, nice sensoring, Onion Knight seems to always be protecting Terra :D

lol Zidane and Squall are trying to wake Bartz up before Sephiroth-sensei comes :D Oh god those lessons must be strict...

Here's another school-themed pic. Seriously I'd love to see these guys in school!! Or like wearing school uniforms or smtn :D This pic is just comical and cute, just like it's supposed to be :P

The school theme continues! This is supposed to be about FF XIII I think or something like that. I haven't played it so I have no idea who these people are but sure looks nice :)

I know this is about Kingdom Hearts but what does KH and FF have in common? SQUARE ENIX!! So yeah, this is accepted. (And I wasn't able to resist putting it here in ;)) This pic is great in every way.

Aww this is cute! The white and black mages all together :) I still haven't figured out all of them but I sure am gonna find out :) Hahhah can't help laughing to the poor guy whose clothes are being ripped by the chocobo <3

This is one of my favorites too. It includes all the main heroes up till FF X. I've only played FF VI, VIII, IX and X so I'm not familiar with the first characters but as a fan, I'm gonna find out. I know their names but don't know the story behind them...

Here's another goofball picture <3 I'd love to play Dissidia coz there're LOTS of FF characters together and fighing against each other. Haha there goes Firion :D

This was just way too cute so I had to put it here ^^ IMO all these weathers and pairs fit each other perfectly! I don't know much about Thunder x Hope coz I haven't played that game nor watched it much so I don't know much there're lots of fans who approve them :)

Jury Dissidia - Do you have what it takes to become a hero?

Thank you god and the makers of FINAL FANTASY that the story still goes on. And never forget the fans, because without fans there would be no FINAL FANTASY. This is an awesome picture in every way. Though I prefer the older games. I didn't like XII very much. The new fighting technique was AMAZING but the story was left a bit not-so-catchy :/

I wanna name all these characters from Dissidia, and because (of course) no one can stop me I'm gonna do so too :D
Upper row from left: Shantotto (FFXI) and Prishe (FFXI).
Middle row from left: Firion (FFII), Cecil Harvey (FFIV), Vaan (FFXII), Laguna Loire (FFVIII), Squall Leonhart (FFVIII), Bartz Klauser (FFV), Warrior of Light (FFI), Tidus (FFX), Cloud Strife (FFVII) and WHO THE HELL???!!!
Bottom row from left: Lightning (FFXIII), Terra Branford (FFVI), Onion Knight (FFIII), Kuja (FFIX), Zidane Tribal (FFIX), Yuna (FFX), Aerith Gainsborough (FFVII) and Tifa Lockhart (FFVII).

This is like the cutest thing ever!! <3 Aww *w* Warrior of Light always wearing his helmet and Firion next to him. Tidus being as cheerful as ever (with his cheer-ability ;D) holding Cecil-bunny's hand. The spiky hair that is characteristic to Cloud is easy to notice. Lion Squall (perfect suit for him) looks kinda grumpy next to chibi-cheery Zidane, one of the most cheerful characters in FF series (IX is my favorite game <3). Oh Bartz how cute you can be in your chocobo-suit and smiling like there's nothing to worry about in life. And who could separate this ultimate pair: brave Onion Knight-doggy and moogle-suited Terra? The artist is genius and gets my worshipping XD

LMFAO! :D Sephiroth must have some amazing muscles!! Think about the weight of the sword! Onion Knight and Terra are having fun again and Cloud... well Cloud is being Cloud against Sephiroth like always :)

I end my epic FF(Dissidia)-centric post now and post soon some more FF epicness XD buahhhahhhaaa~
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