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25 May 2012 @ 09:44 pm

It's the inner fangirl in me writing this post while screaming inside my head! :D I think this is one hell of an epic hearing experience (can you say it like that? oh well, who cares, I don't even know how to express my feelings right now :OD) I'm (or actually a genius person from YT) gonna give you directions what to do to get the same reactions as I did (concidering that you're a FF/KH fangirl who's missed a couple of things in life)

First go here and play the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tZcJJssnKs&feature=related

Then go here: http://www.rainymood.com/

And start crying! (lol this last part but seriously I almost cried when I listened to these two together!)

But you don't even have to listen to the rain sound to think the Roxas song is epic 'cause it IS! And I fell in love with the rain sound site 'cause I love rain and I really enjoy listening to it <3 So you can listen to them both alone or them both together !! :D

And I'm really surprised that why in the hell haven't I heard of that album before!!!!?????? It's like 5 years old and I didn't even know it existed!!!! :OOOO *hides in the corner*

And OMHFHZGDL what is that last song piece?? FROM FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII!!!!! Seriously how the heck did I miss that?!!
But anyway, I've pretty much calmed down now so let's move on shall we. It's summer soon!!! YAY!! <33 The weather is nice and it's so green outside <3 I like! :) I was thinking about posting .gifs and other lovely/fandom/random/weird stuff that I have but this definitely comes first :P I already downloaded the album and listened to the songs ^^ Well, again this was quite a pointless post but what the heck, I think I haven't posted for a long time and I don't even have anything interesting to say.. :OD Oh! I do actually!!

Story of the day: 
Yesterday I was rambling/walking/jogging with my friends (walked about 10km) and I think my trainers are too small so I got a huge blister to my little toe so today I decided to pierce and drain it. It was much more less painful than the last time I had a blister in my finger after crocheting too much even though this one was much bigger ^^" After that I cleaned it and put a bandage on it. The end. 

Gotta go study some more, it's soon finished :DD
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